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Join our adventure with the Cooperative Society of independent VTC drivers!

True power lies in collaboration, when we join forces to create a better future.

We are proud of our team, our family of #VTC drivers: ethical, beautiful, professional and determined to free us from the platforms of slavery.

Advantage for drivers:

Why become a driver member of the only cooperative company of independent VTC?

1- Become an associate pilot of the SCCVI and let's vote together on the right decisions for its development. The amount of the capital subscription per driver is CHF 100 (with the possibility of installment payments in the event of financial difficulties).

2- No commission, only management costs up to 10% excluding tax payable by the customer, only to cover the management costs of the application. If there is a profit, we will invest it in research and development for our future.

3- An application and a service in our image. The application belongs to the cooperative (SCCVI), is easy to use, designed by drivers for drivers, and adapted to the image of our social utility cooperative.

4- Let's develop our profession. Adaptation of our profession to new technologies through training. Let's be players in the major technological challenges of the mobility of the future (blockchain, artificial intelligence, ecological vehicles, etc

Become a member of the SCCVI

Please read the SCCVI statutes carefully. This includes information about your rights, as well as other important information.

Apply for an interest-free loan

Apply for a loan

In our SCCVI cooperative, we are a family and we must help each other in any case. That is why, within our community, we help as many members as possible who need financial assistance. The source of our financial support is provided by CSVI membership dues. Sometimes it may happen that your savings are not enough, especially in the event of too many bills to pay or large investments to come such as taxes, the purchase a new car or other business expenses that may cost more than what's left in your account. In this case, a consumer loan may be the solution. You can get a loan from SCCVI that you can use to pay for your purchase and then repay the amount borrowed without interest. How does a loan work within our SCCVI family? It's important to note that the conditions for granting loans are regulated by law in Switzerland. However, the SCCVI has its own additional selection criteria which are carefully considered with each application. Therefore, the factors to get a loan can vary widely from service provider to another, but one constant remains: the CSVI Treasurer's Committee evaluates always if you can repay your loan on time. To apply for a loan, you must contact the SCCVI Treasurer Committee in writing and explain why you are requesting a loan. Everything will remain confidential. The conditions for obtaining an interest-free loan are as follows:

1. You must be an official member of the CSVI.

2. Membership payment must be current.

3. Be a VTC driver.

4. Have worked with Super Driver for at least 6 months.

5. Have a credit capacity that indicates that you can repay the amount borrowed in at least two years, in accordance with the federal consumer credit law.

6. Have a regular income of at least 2,500 to 2,800 francs per month. Higher income reduces the risk for CCSVI and increases your chances of getting credit on favorable terms. Don't forget that thanks to our credit calculator, you can obtain a estimate of your credit outlook. At the end of the credit agreement, you must be between 65 and 68 years old. A rejected credit application can cause harm. Whether you have already borrowed from the SCCVI and that you have not repaid, this may affect your ability to get a new loan.

Cooperative of independent VTC drivers for an independent, stable, rich, dynamic and diversified life and activity.