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Benefits for partners and customers

If you are a commercial partner of VTC drivers, an institution (local authorities, state, etc.), a customer, an association or other, why not become a member of the SCCVI, the only Swiss mobility cooperative?By using our local app, the Swiss can be proud to contribute to the local economy. It is our responsibility to work together to make it prosper and meet the mobility challenges of tomorrow. Here are the benefits we offer;Why become a member of the unique SCCVI?

1. Become a business partner and member of our social utility cooperative, to support our joint sustainable mobility project. 
2. Become a business partner of SCCVI pilots. Car manufacturers, oil companies, insurers, etc. can offer their products and services to SCCVI drivers, and thus increase their turnover.

3. Let's meet together the technological challenges of the mobility of the future by cooperating for the exploitation of data generated by drivers and the development of the autonomous car.

4. Drivers who are members of the cooperative undertake to reduce CO2 emissions by using environmentally friendly vehicles in the future.

5. Regular or large account customer partners can help us improve our services. They can subscribe to the capital of our SCCVI and benefit from preferential rates.

6. Communities, cities and the State can support our commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by promoting shared purchases and the use of clean vehicles. Let's act together for the mobility of tomorrow by subscribing to our capital or subsidizing our development.

7. Associations, think tanks, personalities and intellectuals can join our cooperative capital to advise and implement the best economic, social and environmental strategies to adopt.

Want to become our business partner? Contact us via this form