Presentation of the SCCVI

The SCCVI is the first local cooperative of collective interest and application for independent VTC drivers.

The members

As a cooperative, the SCCVI has created 5 categories of members representative of all stakeholders:
– "beneficiaries": the people who usually benefit from the activities of the cooperative, whether free of charge or for a fee.

– "producers": employees or, in the absence of employees within the company, producers of goods or services of the cooperative (drivers).

– "partners": people who maintain regular and structuring operational partnerships for the cooperative project.

– "public and private institutions": sponsors, private funders and public persons contributing to the financing other than local authorities, their groups and local public establishments, who find a direct or indirect interest in the co-operated project.

– "local authorities and their establishments": local authorities, their groupings and territorial public establishments, which have a direct or indirect interest in the cooperative project.

Super Rider!

App, Website and Matchmaking Call Center. The application developed by the SCCVI belongs 100% to the cooperative. With a contribution of 200 CHF excl. VAT/year, the cooperative covers all administrative and organizational costs. The surplus will be reinvested in research and development, if necessary. Our application, our website and our call center reflect our social utility cooperative. They were designed by the drivers themselves and are available on IOS and ANDROID.

A call center.

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Group purchases

Imagine former VTC drivers from Geneva gathered in this VTC cooperative

unique ? And soon in all the cities of Switzerland.

This would represent a market to trade of:

 Hundreds of vehicles for purchase or lease

 More than 200,000 lessons per month

 More than 4,937,599 liters of fuel per year

 Hundreds of vehicles to maintain and repair

 Hundreds of vehicles to insure

 Hundreds of companies to insure in RC

 Hundreds of vehicles to pass technical control

 Hundreds of mutual and provident insurance members

 Hundreds of files to manage at the accounting, social, legal,

administrative, financial (bank), etc.

The priority of each driver is to lower the operating cost of his

structure, without neglecting the quality of its work tools.

One of the main priorities of our cooperative is to be able to offer the best

conditions for drivers, so that they can exercise their profession with peace of mind

total. In this context, SCCVI offers its member drivers a multitude of

essential partnerships to optimize their profitability (purchase or rental of

car, insurance, technical control, fuel, etc.).

Would you like to become a supplier or business partner of our cooperative? Please write to us at:

Tourist routes

Our drivers are culture lovers. They travel through the cities of Switzerland with curiosity and passion and will make their customers discover hidden finds, as well as the secrets of the essential places to visit, with descriptions worthy of a Touristic guide. This is an alternative to crowded and poorly air conditioned tourist buses, where visits follow one another without being able to take advantage of each place. This service is designed for single people, families, couples or friends. When making a reservation, our dedicated in-house service will define a tailor-made tourist circuit and draw up an estimate for the customer.


Our ambition is to offer quality advertising media on board our vehicles, in particular via tablets. If you have any suggestions or additional requests, do not hesitate to contact us by email:

Training center

La coopérative vous propose un parcours de formation complet incluant les codes du métier de chauffeur, la réglementation liée au métier, l'apprentissage de langues étrangères, la sécurité routière, la préparation à l'examen, ainsi que la gestion et le développement commercial d'une structure. Pour plus d'informations et pour vous inscrire, merci de prendre contact avec nous par e-mail à l'adresse suivante:

Administrative support

Nous savons tous à quel point il peut être pénible et compliqué de réaliser la plupart des démarches administratives qui nous sont demandées. La coopérative propose un service d'accompagnement pour vous aider dans la complexité des tâches administratives à accomplir dans notre métier. Choisissez le mode d'assistance qui vous convient, et nous mettrons notre expérience à votre disposition. Pour plus d'informations, demandez-nous la brochure par e-mail :

Statute of the Cooperative Society of Independent VTC Drivers