Super Travel

Live life easier, faster and cheaper with the smart Super Travel app

You can order a car, order food, including shopping in a supermarket, buy a transport ticket, book a hotel, etc. with Super Travel.

Super Travel meets all needs

Super Travel is the first VTC/Taxis application, it is made in Switzerland and is a smart local application. It solves all your urban and intercity travel.

Cantons covered by Super Travel

Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Friborg

Over time, we are trying to launch Super Travel in all Swiss cities and serve our dear people.

Imagine hundreds of Geneva drivers gathered here in a single cooperative VTC? And soon in all Swiss cities?


Thanks to the cooperative of independent VTC drivers, markets in Switzerland will be reserved exclusively for Swiss VTC drivers. For years, several foreign platforms have exploited VTC drivers for their benefit, violating the labor legislation in force in Switzerland. We are proud of the creation of this cooperative, which allows us to control our destiny and to serve the travelers of our country while respecting all the laws in force. In addition, foreign companies that have taken advantage of this situation for years, without respecting the laws of our country, can no longer enrich themselves at the expense of Swiss VTC drivers. We managed to accomplish this daunting task with few resources and we are confident that we will continue to succeed with your support.

Move easily, economically, safely, ethically and support the local economy

After seeing many problems in our jobs over the years, we started our business to retain more drivers as freelancers. We have developed our own digital platform (Super Driver for VTC drivers and Super Rider for our customers) where we manage all procedures, decisions, working conditions, prices, etc. together in a single cooperative. We manage our cooperative markets in the interests of drivers, customers and authorities, to ensure a quality experience for all.

Professional driver, Vehicle modern and clean
Fixed price and no additional costs
Passenger transport insurance
Swiss quality